Saturday, September 17, 2005

"I want to study at your university"
"Excellent! You have to pay this amount of money!"
"Huh? But all these people pay less than half that..."
"Yes, but you're not from around here."
"I don't get it..."
"You're not meant to!"
"Well... all right, I've saved up the fees like you asked."
"Oh, actually those fee prices are out of date, it's another $500 on top of that now."
"Um... ok."
"Oh, and then there's these extra costs."
"Wait, no-one told me about these..."
"Well, you have to pay them. It's an extra $1000."
"But... ok. Can I pay it bit by bit?"
"Sure! We're helpful like that!"
"Ok, well can I get a job to help pay for it while I'm there?"
"Of course! But only on campus. And you can't work more than 20 hours a week."
"That doesn't seem fair, somehow. Because I have to pay fees, rent, food and everything else as well."
"That's America!"

So I have to go talk to Financial Aid on Monday... There may be trouble ahead...


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