Tuesday, January 03, 2006

"Witchcraft!" "Time Lord."

So, here we all are. Another new year. It's odd when you realise we're now closer to 2010 than 2000.

Everyone's made the same comment that we're in a weird alternate 2005/2006 where Doctor Who is now an amazingly popular thing instead of the lame duck it's been seen as for years. To see evidence of this, one would only have to look at my Christmas booty pile.
  • R/C Dalek
  • Season 27 DVD Boxset (such a waste of cardboard though)
  • Sonic Screwdriver
  • TARDIS Mobile Phone flasher
  • TARDIS keyring

And I could have got so much more. There's a board game, puzzles, more books than you can shake a stick at, more toys, a money box, etc.

Wow, that's how forgetful I am. Got distracted in the middle of writing this post. A few hours later, I go to shut down and fnd this window still open. And so to bed.


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