Friday, July 28, 2006

On June 2nd we moved out of our house in Kenton, commonly known among the peeps who have been there as 'the TARDIS' on account of being much bigger inside than they expected. We hadn't actually found a new house to move into, because my parents want to become property developers and do up a few old tatty houses and sell them on for $$$profit. So we left the TARDIS and moved into a tiny rented bungalow out on the edge of Pinner.

Now tomorrow, we move out of this tiny cramped house into a much larger house, with a seriously huge garden. We'll be there (well, I won't. Back to LSU and all that) for about 18 months. It'll be a nice house to return to, anyway. Thus I dub it, the House on Allen Road. Who spods will know why.

After a short hop to Florida in late August to relax, I'll be flying onto New Orleans to spend a couple of months there being happy. Looking forward to that immensely.


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