Thursday, September 22, 2005

Wheeeeee... another hurricane incoming. But too far west of here to bother closing the school for like they did for Katrina.

Earlier today, I wanted more than anything else to be drinking Twisted Russians in that cocktail bar in Exeter. Excellent, homesick. But not for home home. Elsewhere in England home. I think I want cold. That's definitely what I miss the most. The cold. Waking up of a morning and needing to put a jumper on.

The artificial cold of air conditioning isn't the same. And when you wake up, you have to decide how hot the day's going to be and how little to wear, or how thin the fabric needs to be to get through the day.

Sooooo... I've got a few options. None of which involve me being able to stay in school for the rest of this semester, unfortunately. I have an appointment on Monday morning to talk to the International Office about a possible scholarship for next semester, which would be nice if I qualify.

But, basically, it looks like I'm going to have drop out or defer or something for the rest of this semester before my next fee is due (October 1st.. good timing). But then there's the matter of when I go back home. Once you drop out, you have 60 days to leave the country, so I'd have to leave about late November time. I could leave earlier, sure, but I don't want to really leave my roommate in the lurch with regard to rent. Plus I want to be here for Hallowe'en. Because quite frankly, that kicks ass over here. Thanksgiving would also be nice because I enjoyed that back in 2003. Muchos food. :)

Eh, we'll see. Maybe I'll be back before my parents move. That would be shiny.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

"I want to study at your university"
"Excellent! You have to pay this amount of money!"
"Huh? But all these people pay less than half that..."
"Yes, but you're not from around here."
"I don't get it..."
"You're not meant to!"
"Well... all right, I've saved up the fees like you asked."
"Oh, actually those fee prices are out of date, it's another $500 on top of that now."
"Um... ok."
"Oh, and then there's these extra costs."
"Wait, no-one told me about these..."
"Well, you have to pay them. It's an extra $1000."
"But... ok. Can I pay it bit by bit?"
"Sure! We're helpful like that!"
"Ok, well can I get a job to help pay for it while I'm there?"
"Of course! But only on campus. And you can't work more than 20 hours a week."
"That doesn't seem fair, somehow. Because I have to pay fees, rent, food and everything else as well."
"That's America!"

So I have to go talk to Financial Aid on Monday... There may be trouble ahead...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Since it's September 3rd... and I'm all the way over here, I'm putting this up early, because I don't know what the postal system's going to be like, especially after Katrina. October 1st is less than a month away, people!

Things UK!

Things USA

(Both lists ship to me here in BR)